Puppy Love

Dogs are amazing animals. They give so much love and don't demand anything in return, except LOVE... ok, ok, well maybe a good meal, fresh water and a back scratch, but really those are just survival necessities. We have been blessed with great dogs over the last 25 years.  Some of them have been faithful farm dogs, sentinels and loyal protectors, while others  were much needed couch-potatoes, spooners and cuddle buddies (Pugs - you know I mean you LOL). Here is a preview of our present & past precious pooches.

Max & Kal

My "Twinner" are such loving, hard working, "always on duty" farm dogs!  I adore them.  Max is a great watch dog - he hears everything, and watches everyone lol. Kal loves everyone. In fact, she fosters baby chicks.  As soon as she hears them hatch, she whines to tell me and then wants to clean them. She has more energy than the Energizer Bunny.  We have had our share of accidents; like when Kal lost her eye (click here to see what happened), or when Max hurt his ACL (click here soon to see what we did to fix it).  I couldn't have asked for better pups than them.

R.I.P.Dakota (a.k.a. "Wowie")

Dakota was our very first Pitbull.  He was my therapy dog when my dad died, and he was the perfect guy for the job!  This dogs was so loving.  Once, a lady who raised goats told me, "Pitbulls make bad farm dogs, because of their kill nature." It shows what she knew, because American Pitbulls were originally frontier dogs, protecting their families and livestock!  She couldn't have been further from the truth.  "Wowie," as we called him, was a great chicken dog - he never killed one chicken!  In fact, we had Collies before that killed over 40 chickens - and they were called, "Farm Dogs."

His best friend was our chubby little Pug named "Chino." And his "daughter" was our cat "Brixy."  He watched over my family so loyally. He made us forever love Pitbulls.  Yes, they are powerful dogs (and if you don't have time to train them - don't get one - they deserve better), but if you raise them firmly, in love - they can be extraordinary dogs. Of course, every dog has a different trigger, so use wisdom when picking any dog , but all in all, our dogs have loved knowing exactly what is expected of them.

It was such a sad day for us when Dakota was diagnosed with bone cancer.  This was an "education in dog food" time for me.  Did you know that the cheap dog foods out there is loaded with things that have caused a rise in Cancer and Diabetes in dogs and cats (i.e.: corn, wheat, soy, bad meat sources, fillers, etc.)  The dog food links that I display are ones that I personally use now and believe in. Check the Dog Food Recall link to the right for a list of dogs foods being recalled. 

R.I.P "Peaches" & "Chino"

Meet Peaches and Chino - our adorable Pugs.  They were never good farm dogs - in fact, they chased our chickens and cats. They could not handle the heat (they needed that inside life LOL).  As you see in one of the pics below, they needed their own wagon when we went on walks.  They are just a little "Eye Candy" for my page.  Even though they weren't "Farm Dogs," they were great dogs - with so much love to give.  

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