Why I Became An Urban Homesteader


So here is the "dirt" on why I became an urban homesteader?  First off, the love for plant medicine, raising animals and botany have always been a part of my life, so the homesteading part seemed to come natural to me. My mother instilled in me the importance of holistic medicine, my father and my grandparents passed on the love of gardening and I have always gravitated toward animals! In fact, throughout my teen years, I spent countless hours at a local horse stable cleaning horses and stalls for riding lessons! 

The urban part centers around my family and community. See, I'm not alone in this.  My husband Frank loves the homestead life as well, but the reality is that we work in the city and have raised our family here, BUT on one magical day in 2018, we happened upon this amazing little property that many buyers overlooked, because... it was in the city! Having a garden and animals was not new to us, in fact, throughout our marriage while raising our family, we always had a "L'Orto" - a kitchen garden. It has always been a priority, no matter what size of yard we had.  We are both passionate about becoming more sustainable on our own little 1/2 acre in the city! 

What Is An Urban Homesteader?

So what exactly is Urban Homesteading? Urban Homesteading is small scale farming and sustainability - in or near the city, by growing one's own produce and raising livestock in perspective to the size of the lot. 


There are many creative micro farming methods to accommodate even the smallest of urban homesteads.  Experts like Curtis Stone, give wonderful insights into micro farming. One of my favorite books by Curtis is "The Urban Farmer: https://amzn.to/2F0Iav9 


Often times, livestock options can be more limited, because of city ordinances.  Backyard chickens and Nigerian Dwarf Goats are favorite livestock for Urban Homesteaders to raise.  Making food from scratch, canning and preserving, crafting and re-purposing are essential practices for homesteaders in general.  It's a great way of life, in the midst of city.

Here is a video of our 2018 Garden Tour to see all of the progress we made in our first year on our homestead:

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